The Radical SR8 LM is a lightweight, sports prototype car produced by Radical Motorsport, the largest race car manufacturer in the UK. It weighs around 700kg, and is powered by a bespoke, hand-built 460bhp 2.8L V8.

Despite its race car styling and tarmac-scraping height, the SR8 LM is one of the few Radical Motorsport models that is road-legal. One particular SR8 LM broke the all-time production car record for the Nurburgring Nordschleife in 2009. Chassis 73.

Setting off from Radical’s factory in Peterborough, Michael Vergers began his long drive to the Nordschleife on 18th August at 8am. Because there was nowhere to keep their belongings, they had to tape their change for the Dartford crossing to the inside of the cockpit! By 5pm the next day, the SR8 was on it’s flying lap of the Nordschleife, still on the same set of tyres.

With perfect conditions and a flying start, chassis 73 stormed ‘the Green Hell’ in a mind-blowing 6 minutes and 48 seconds – securing its place as the fastest production car round the ‘Ring, as well as one of the only sub-7 minute attempts ever. Vergers record-breaking lap averaged a speed of 182kmph (113mph) and stood for eight years, before a Porsche 911 GT2 RS shaved a second off in 2017. 14 years later, chassis 73 still sits in the top ten fastest production cars around the ‘Ring.

Once the car returned to the UK, the Union Jacks on the wing end plates and engine cover were replaced with the German flag to celebrate the achievement. The car is on loan to the Silverstone Interactive Museum from its owner in Northern Ireland – who still takes it out for the occasional McDonalds drive-through when the weather is fine!