Radical Experience

To experience the feeling you get from a Radical Sportscar, that was bred to race, you have to drive it. Radical Sportscars deliver pure adrenaline-fuelled fun with heart-racing performance, all at the push of a pedal.

We make racing accessible - the Radical offering starts at a level that allows the enthusiast looking to take their circuit driving to the next level, to become a racing driver in a focused sports-racing car. From the SR1 and the all-new SR10, to the incredible RXC, all offer the same blend of mind-bending aerodynamics, sure-footed handling, high revs and staggering braking ability.

Once you’re hooked not only can you progress up the motor racing ladder and remain all the way to International GT racing, you become part of the Radical and racing community.

Share the thrills and spills, push your limits and drive for the chequered flag!

The Radical Experience Offers

  • Pound for pound, the most exciting range of race cars you can buy
  • Trial days and assisted track days globally
  • Specialist race training available
  • Fully supported, professionally co-ordinated Radical Race Championships including technical support and spares truck
  • Thrilling wheel-to-wheel racing for both club racers and seasoned professionals alike
  • A close network of professional teams that can support race and track day activities
  • Ability to race on some of the world’s most exciting race circuits

Trial Days

iRacing - Radical Challenge



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iRacing - Radical Challenge

09-Aug-2022 - 15-Aug-2022

iRacing puts you in the driver’s seat by allowing members to experience today’s newest form of competitive motorsport: virtual racing. iRacing is a fun, inexpensive and highly-competitive way for race fans and gamers to break a sweat by braking hard at the apex, while overcoming head-to-head racing challenges usually reserved for professional racers.

Fast cars on fast tracks. That’s what the Radical Racing Challenge offers drivers with a Class C license and the desire to “turn, baby, turn!” With 370 horsepower propelling just 1,746 pounds as raced and 2g cornering ability, the Radical SR8 sports racer offers iRacers a potent combination of acceleration and top end speed, nimble handling and stopping power.

It takes skill to master the Radical – the straightaways will seem short and the corners mind-bending – and drivers who race this road-rocket will tell you to stay off the curbs. But in the end it’s a great car to drive and Radical Racing Challenge competitors have a dozen weeks of big fun in store.


Corporate Trackdays

We welcome all levels of driving experience and our track days provide excellent teambuilding, networking and hospitality opportunities.

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Racing Support

With Radical, it’s not just about the car; Radical’s works team can also offer complete racing and support packages.

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