Racing Support

The Radical Works Team can also offer complete racing and support packages.

As you'd expect from a sports car manufacturer with an impeccable racing pedigree, the Radical Works Team offer trackside technical, data and driver training support at venues across the world, not just within its UK and European Championships.

With factory-trained staff working alongside production engineers at Radical’s Peterborough headquarters, the cross-over of technical knowledge and product updates is unmatched in the paddock. Our race car technicians carry experience from a wide range of motorsport disciplines – from domestic Radical competition to the highest echelons of the sport in Formula One, Le Mans Prototype and WRC, to give our Works Team drivers the competitive advantage.

Technical and trackside logistical staff are supported by experienced Data Engineers and a roster of Radical driving coaches to help you get the best out of every lap. Utilising the latest AIM Race Studio data analysis and video systems our team can help you translate your on-track performance and feedback into meaningful car setup changes and improvements in pace.

It’s not uncommon for drivers to make their way up the ladder from track day enthusiasts to taking the chequered flag at a prestigious race meeting.

Support packages

Packages on offer include:

  • One off track day support
  • Full race season packages
  • Driver development programmes

Radical’s Official Championships

  • Dedicated technical and spares support to ensure you maximise your racing enjoyment
  • SR1 Cup and Radical Challenge Championships can rely on trackside spares from the Radical Race Centre, a double-deck parts shop at every round carrying every component from fixings and electrical components to complete engines and bodywork assemblies
  • Roving powertrain, chassis and data engineer presence to offer technical advice and fault finding to help keep you moving

Radical Racing Teams

There are a number of Radical approved teams that can support your racing and track day activities. A Radical is easy for the hands on enthusiast / owner to maintain but for the racer that would like help with storage, transport and running of their car, a team can help you get the most out of your car.

Please get in touch for more information.


Radical Hospitality

Radical’s hospitality centre helps racers, teams, sponsors and businesses make the most of their race weekends, providing an area to relax and socialise with the buzz of some the top racing circuits in the background.

Drivers are provided with a number of passes and can purchase passes for additional members if required.

Complimentary drinks and light snacks are available throughout the day along with a fully cooked breakfast, buffet lunch and hot evening meal.