Flatrock Motorsports Park Partners with Radical

Flatrock Motorsports Park Partners with Radical

Westel, Tennessee, (7th December 2023) Flatrock Motorsports Park and Motorclub has today announced an exciting partnership with Radical Motorsport, promising to collaborate as the premium racing facility gears up to its 2024 grand opening.

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Flatrock Motorsports Park, designed by world renowned Tilke Engineers & Architects, is set to become a 5.9-mile, 34-turn racing circuit featuring a combination of both a 2.7-mile FIM and FIA Grade II certified competition ‘Grand Prix’ track and a 3.50-mile FIA Grade II private members ‘Club’ circuit for members.

Located on 800 acres in the heart of Tennessee, surrounded by sweeping views of rolling hills, Flatrock Motorclub’s members will enjoy a state of the art paddock, luxurious clubhouse with restaurant, lounge, and day spa, premium garage lofts with rooftop viewing, track side villas, a multipurpose pit building with race control, meeting spaces, and more. Along with the Motorclub track and campus, Flatrock plans to open a CIK Karting Track by early 2024.

Future phases of the park include a landmark hotel and destination restaurant, campgrounds, brewery, winery, additional lodging, a retail center, and a natural amphitheatre, using Crab Orchard stone, that will play host to major motor sporting races, live concerts, and special events throughout the year.

As part of the agreement announced today Flatrock will soon take delivery of two of the latest Radical SR3 XXR models to support marketing and circuit demonstrations over the next six months, one of which will be on display at the upcoming PRI Show in Indianapolis.

“We are thrilled to partner with Radical Motorsports, the preferred choice for Motorclub circuits and the world’s best-selling race car. Radical’s product line is specifically designed to meet the needs of club racers and offers an unmatched level of performance per dollar invested. Radical’s products will present an exhilarating experience to our Members driving our 3.5 mile FIA Grade II Motorclub circuit. Flatrock and Radical is a win-win combination and we are looking forward to many years of successful partnership.”
Eric Paradis, Business Development at Flatrock Motorsports Park
“Since arriving in North America the Radical SR3, and more recently the SR10, have become common sights at the premier motorsport clubs across the country, with many operating successful Radical Cup Challenge race series for their members to enjoy. The developments both on and off the track at Flatrock look ideal for another Radical community to thrive and we’re delighted to be involved at an early stage.”
Tom Drewer, Radical Motorsport Global Motorsport Director

2023 has been another year of growth for Radical Motorsport, starting the year with the release of the XXR generation across the SR range including the world’s best-selling race car the SR3, and the

425bhp turbocharged SR10. On the track the Radical Cup North America series continued to gain popularity, supporting four IndyCar rounds in 2023, as it will again in 2024. In March Radical appointed its tenth dealer in the United States, Radical Indianapolis, owned by NTT INDYCAR Series driver Graham Rahal. Radical’s dealer network offers everything from sales to service, support, storage and driver coaching.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this extraordinary destination that combines the pure thrill of driving with the utmost in automotive indulgence. Visit Flatrock Motorclub at the PRI Show 2023 in Indianapolis (booth 2211) to discover the exciting real estate and membership opportunities that Flatrock Motorclub has to offer, as well as get up close with latest Radical SR3 XXR to see why Radical has become the automotive country club car of choice.

To discover more about Flatrock Motorsports Park, please visit www.experienceflatrock.com.

To discover more about Flatrock Motorclub, please visit: www.flatrockmotorclub.com.

To discover more about Radial Motorsport, please visit: www.radicalmotorsport.com.

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About Flatrock Motorsports Park & Motorclub:

Flatrock Motorsports Park & Motorclub will become one of the premier motorsports venues and motorsports clubs in the world, attracting car enthusiasts to drive its challenging sequence of high-speed corners in addition to its stunning track-side amenities.

In the future, Flatrock Motorsports Park is aiming to attract officially sanctioned high-profile motorsport events and already has memorandums of understanding (MoUs) with international racing series.

The Club track at Flatrock spans 3.50 miles and features an impressive elevation change of 127ft. Simulations of a GT3 car on this track indicate an average speed of 101mph, surpassing the averages of 90 to 95 mph seen on world-class international circuits. The Motorclub's facilities are designed to provide an exceptional experience for members, with plans calling for a premium clubhouse, garages, a pit building, a fine-dining restaurant, a spa, club villas, and garage lofts.

At Flatrock, the Motorclub will have access to a state-of-the-art paddock that puts members at the center of the action. The luxurious clubhouse will feature amenities such as a restaurant, lounge, and day spa. Future phases include premium garages which will provide rooftop viewing opportunities. Trackside villas will offer a unique vantage point. Additionally, a versatile pit building will house race control, meeting spaces, and more. In the future, Flatrock has plans to introduce a CIK Karting Track, further enhancing the motorsport offerings.

Looking ahead, Flatrock has ambitious plans for the park's future phases. This includes the development of a 2.7-mile FIM and FIA Grade II certified Grand Prix track. The park will also feature a landmark hotel and destination restaurant, campgrounds, a brewery, a winery, additional lodging options, a retail center, and a natural amphitheater constructed with Crab Orchard stone. This amphitheater will serve as a venue for major motorsport races, live concerts, and special events throughout the year, providing a diverse range of entertainment experiences.